Shop and Retail Fit-out

Skoda Car Dealership
Commissioned by Avtomir Group, Int-Ext specialists performed complete reconstruction of Skoda car dealership premises.
Jacote Boutique in Kuntsevo Plaza
Int-Ext Company rendered a full set of services of remodeling and fit-out of another Jacote chain store.
Int-Ext Company successfully completed refurbishment of the clothing store SERGE by the Serge-style LLC order.

At present, retail refurbishment is the service which is in greatest demand in Moscow. New trading centers appear, the old ones are reconstructed, and as a result, competition in the trade business grows. Psychologists have proven that a renovated interior attracts more customers to the shops. Thus retail refurbishment and especially shop fit out should be performed at the highest level of quality and with the application of secure materials.

Int-Ext designers understand the importance of creating a unique interior and prestigious ambiance to be distinguished from other trade spaces. In developing a project, we take into account the necessity to create comfortable conditions for customers – that's our priority.

Retail refurbishment of different specialisation

Developing the shop design, our designers pay attention to its location in relation to the center of the city, the supposed number of customers and their social structure. Performing retail refurbishment and fit-out, Int-Ext solves the following tasks:

  • development and fulfillment of unique design for the opening boutique;
  • capital or cosmetic repairs of a shop that has been working for several years;
  • refurbishment and fit-out of specialized and narrow-profile, universal and combined commercial facilities;
  • remodeling of stores standing apart and situated in built-in or extended premises;
  • refurbishment of shops (in Moscow) with trade space of any size – from a small boutique to a large trading center;
  • remodeling and fit-out of shops occupying several floors;
  • refurbishment of trade premises occupying the basement.

Types of retail refurbishment and fit-out

We perform cosmetic and capital repairs of shops in Moscow.

Cosmetic refurbishment of shops – this kind of fit-out includes removal or renovation of different surfaces. Our experts install suspended ceilings, replace floor covering and wall panels, perform plastering works, and painting of the walls and ceilings. We can also perform an insignificant re-planning applying plasterboard, glass and plastic partitions.

Capital repairs of shops include the development of a design-project, because partial or complete re-planning of trade space is usually performed. Our experts will dismount or replace walls, door and window openings; our engineers will plan a project and replace electrical supply networks and communications. Any capital repairs of shops are completed with final detailing and, if necessary, with negotiation of changes with the state control authorities.

Reliable retail fit-out by Int-Ext

  • If in retail refurbishment, a significant modification in the engineering systems is required, our experts make skilled, secure projects of engineering systems, which are necessary for expensive equipment installation and functioning. We are masters of ventilation and air-conditioning that will create comfortable ambiance for customers and employees of the trading company. We perform wiring and low-voltage works: video monitoring, fire safety system and intruder alarm, as well as telephone and Internet installation. Conducting capital refurbishment of shops, our employees also repair heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and sewage.
  • You can trust retail refurbishment of any complexity to Int-Ext, where responsible and skilled experts work. We provide warranty for implemented works to every client. All the stages of repair and fit-out are performed in compliance with sanitary and fire-safety norms.
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