Turnkey Refurbishment

Remodeling and fit-out of premises are the key activities of Int-Ext. In this sphere we offer a really wide scope of services and observe the following principles:

  • Complex approach to task solution. Int-Ext specialists not only perform specific fit-out, but are always ready to offer you a convenient and economically profitable service – turnkey remodeling. This sort of service includes a wide range of works, from interior design to its full implementation.
  • High requirements for quality. We value our reputation of reliable and conscientious experts in fit-out and renovation. Working at each project, we are quite particular not only to materials but also to ourselves. There are no insignificant and simple tasks for us in fit-out and repair. Every element, every detail of interior is relevant. Only a cautious and attentive approach to any work commissioned to us allows us to achieve high-quality repair and fit-out.
  • Affordable pricing. Exterior and interior fit-out and especially turnkey remodeling involve significant expenses. Most of them refer to building materials. Int-Ext specialists do their best to make fit-out available to every client. We focus on reasonable prices for services and careful selection of high-quality yet inexpensive materials used at our clients’ sites.

We combine professionalism and affordable prices in order to provide the following services in remodeling premises.

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