Engineering Systems

The main conditions of engineering systems continuity is competent design and high quality installation. The correct calculation and installation of engineering systems are essential not only for regular operation but also for the safety of maintenance.

Design of engineering systems

This major stage of any serious refurbishment or construction includes:

  • working out a concept and specification;
  • development of a draft design of engineering nets (stage "P");
  • development of a detailed working design (stage "W");
  • approvals of an engineering design.

Specification is a list of assignments necessary for installation of engineering communications and a detailed description of equipment and building material based on the customer’s requests. Specification regulates technology and conditions of engineering systems’ installation. The estimate of costs is often delivered on the basis of specification, where all expenses are included (equipment and labor costs).

Working out the draft is a preliminary stage of engineering design. Before starting a draft design, it’s necessary to estimate condition and location of the nearby communications. Drafts (plans) of the engineering systems’ elements are developed in compliance with conditions of construction site.

Engineers and architects proceed to detailed development of the layout and communication installation upon studying preliminary draft and specification. Usually, design documentation is bound in a volume. Eventually a customer gets a complete working documentation which is the final stage of drafting engineering systems. After that the company has to coordinate documentation, to sign the design and to start its implementation.

Engineering systems installation

Drafting of engineering systems determines the schedule of installation works. If no mistakes occurred at the development stage, installation of engineering communications would be successfully performed (if work is done by professionals).

Ideally, installation of water supply and sewage systems as well as other engineering services (electrical power supply, ventilation and air conditioning) must be done simultaneously. It allows us to avoid discrepancies while we line different systems, as well as air-ducts, cable trays, etc. Engineers of allied trades solve many problems at the site operatively, which is convenient for all the sides involved.

There is one more factor making us line all the communications simultaneously – the necessity to proceed to finishing stage of fit-out. Engineering systems’ installation should be completed before the beginning of fit-out works, because after finishing fit-out any modifications in inner communications will be extremely complicated and sometimes even impossible.

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