We have been successfully working in the field of office finishing and renovation since 2009. During this time, our team has carried out renovations of over 50,000 m2 of office space in Moscow and the Moscow Region
Our services include designing and approving projects - both with landlords and their management companies, and also with state authorities
We permanently cooperate with suppliers of building materials, equipment and furniture, which allows us to provide our clients with low prices
We solve problems of varying complexity, including highly complex. If necessary, we perform repairs without the cessation of current office work, including on weekends and at night.

Turnkey office renovations – everything for your company’s success

The Int-Ext Company provides services for finishing and renovating class "A" and "B" office premises. We create a cozy, yet functional and modern space for employees and clients.

Our substantial experience in finishing commercial real estate helps us to successfully handle the most difficult tasks in a short time.


stage of our work is to prepare design estimates for renovating the office space, entailing the following:

  • Preparation of detailed estimates for the comprehensive renovation of offices.
  • Development of an architectural design project with all the required planning, nodes, cuts, and 3D-visualization.
  • Design of power supply networks and low-current systems (local network, access control, video surveillance, security and fire alarms).
  • Development of plans for mechanical engineering systems, including ventilation, air conditioning, heating, water supply and sewerage.

stage, we quickly, qualitatively and economically carry out both cosmetic and major renovations of offices in Moscow:

  • Careful dismantling of old structures.
  • Repair and installation of internal engineering systems.
  • Rough finishing works for floor screeding, installation of blind partitions.
  • Finishing, including painting work, laying of floor coverings, installation of doors, glass partitions, and suspended ceilings.

Complex property renovations in Moscow: from building to office

Although Int-Ext’s main field of specialization is renovating office premises, we have extensive experience in reconstruction and other commercial real estate dealings.

Int-Ext provides services in regards to the inexpensive finishing of shops, restaurants and cafes, hotels, banks, medical clinics and entertainment centers. At the same time, we guarantee not only the quality, durability and fine appearance of such premises, but also that the executed works will fully accord to current fire and sanitary norms.

If you are in need of renovations for a business center or an office at affordable prices in Moscow, contact Int-Ext. We will do everything possible to make you a satisfied client.

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