Major refurbishment of offices

Any office space after long-term use will need a major refurbishment. Most often it happens when a new company is hiring the space or the owner itself is going to use it. This is a long, costly, yet important process. Day-to-day activity of the company, comfort of the staff and the clients’ impression largely depend on the quality and completeness of the works.

That is why it’s better to calculate the expenses in detail when assessing the cost of major refurbishment. This will make it possible to close the matter for a long time and avoid walking back to small troubleshootings in the future. After all, carrying out construction works in the functioning office will interfere with your staff work, or if done at nights or on holidays, it will cost more expensive.

Scope of works

Major refurbishment of offices is aimed at creation of functional and aesthetic space. To do this, a rather extensive scope of works is carried out, which generally includes:

  • full or partial remodeling to the best possible organization of space;
  • reconstruction or modernization of existing engineering systems as per client requirements;
  • plastering and painting;
  • replacement of floor covering;
  • replacement of worn or damaged parts of suspended ceilings;
  • dismantling the old doors and installation of new ones.

Our services

With vast experience in the market and staffed by specialists, Int-Ext company will deliver you a "turnkey" office refurbishment at a reasonable price. In dealing with tasks assigned by you, we implement a comprehensive scope of services - from design to complete fit-out of premises and installation of engineering systems.

Our specialists scope of activity includes:

  • development of detailed working designs of any complexity;
  • approval of those designs with facility management company or the building engineering service;
  • supply of all necessary materials;
  • performance of construction, installation and fit-out works up to commissioning of the site upon completion of major refurbishment.

Our advantages

The main advantages of our company in the field of office major refurbishment include a high level of organization, responsibility and strict compliance with all contractual obligations. Also we guarantee the shortest possible time to complete the project without compromising on quality, and a reasonable cost and professionalism.

Major refurbishment of offices by Int-Ext is always right and good choice. Entrusting the entire amount of work to one contractor, you will save your time, energy and nerves.

If you need a real high-quality major refurbishment of office, we will always be happy to help you.

You can use the online calculator for the approximate cost of the planned refurbishment or fill out the feedback form.

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