Fit-out and refurbishment of car dealerships

A special category of retail space is car dealerships. Fit-out and refurbishment of these premises have some specifics and require professional approach.

Features of refurbishment

In the showroom the buyer should feel comfortable and see the presented product in the best light. The general impression of visitors from the salon depends on well-considered architectural sketch-design and quality of its implementation.

Hence, many car manufacturers have strict standards for car dealerships fit-out and carefully monitor their car dealers for compliance with these standards, up to the article numbers of the materials used.

During refurbishment special attention is paid to:

  • floor covering: it is necessary to use wear-resistant high-quality materials, since the floor bears heavy mechanical load. Equally important are the decorative component of the coating and the ease of wet cleaning.
  • layout of the room: for instance, the showroom occupies a large area. The buyer should be able to view the car from all angles. In view of this fact, there are practically no partitions in the client zone, or they are made of transparent and translucent materials.
  • arrangement of lighting system: generally, car dealerships have a large glazing area. This is necessary for the maximum possible natural illumination of the sales area. It is worth noting that inside the room light fixtures are mounted in a special way so that the cars exhibited look as attractive as possible.

Cost components of the work

The final cost of refurbishment includes:

  • designing a car dealership;
  • fit-out materials and equipment;
  • performance of construction and installation works.

The most preferable type of refurbishment for both car dealers and other large-area retail premises is turn-key refurbishment – all the necessary work done by one contractor. In this case, it is easier to monitor and coordinate the process of work.

Practicing responsible approach to each order, Int-Ext company draws up a detailed and clear estimate, selects efficient equipment and modern high-quality materials. We guarantee strict observance of terms of refurbishment and excellent quality of the work performed.

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