Hotel and Inn Fit-out

The hotel business makes up a considerable sector of the commercial real estate market and is always in need of high quality design. The attractiveness of a hotel depends on an aesthetically pleasing appearance as well as on the final interior detailing. The façade, the entrance area, the lobby and reception area, corridors, restrooms, and guest rooms can all make positive, as well as negative, impressions on the company’s clients. The result depends on two interrelated factors: the budget available for the interior detailing and the professionalism of the company.

Budget of the hotel interior fit-out

All large hotels operators realize that financial savings on hotel remodeling will damage its reputation. Yet any client wants the budget to be reasonable and strives to get good quality for his money. The cost of hotel interior fit-out depends on its class.

In the case of a three-star hotel in the outskirts of a city, it is reasonable to use frugal budget solutions and inexpensive materials. Specialists of medium level can perform this simple refurbishment of a hotel. But in a luxury hotel, which needs appropriate chandeliers, natural stone, and expensive sanitary fitting, another level of professionalism is required. The remodeling of a hotel of such a level can be trusted only to a high skilled company, whose services will be much more expensive.

There is a strict logic in this. A construction contractor performing interior fit-out or reconstruction of a high class hotel risks damaging expensive materials. He is responsible for any accidents that might take place during installation and understands perfectly well how expensive such an accident could be. Therefore, when estimating the price, he takes into account the responsibility of the work performed, and the qualification of the specialists involved.

Type of work
Price, RUB with VAT
Minor refurbishment
from 3 000
Full-scale renovation
from 15 000
Shell & core fit-out
from 25 000

Complexity levels of hotel remodeling

"Int-Ext" performs hotel remodeling and outfitting of different complexity:

  • Reconstruction of hotels with partial or complete re-planning;
  • Interior fit-out of inns starting from scratch; i.e. from bare concrete to completed premises, ready to be presented to the client;
  • General maintenance of hotels, remodeling and other minor works.

We work with chain-hotel operators, as well as with independent inns. If you are in need of hotel reconstruction, interior design, or ongoing repairs and you would like to know the price and duration of such work, please call us, and we’ll be happy to present you with an official estimate. If you only plan to open a hotel and want to start with the project of the interior remodeling, we are ready to develop an interesting architectural solution for you which will not leave you indifferent.

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