Cinema renovations

The commercial success of a cinema depends not only on its equipment and its film distribution policy, but also on thoughtful design planning and quality renovations. Building a cinema is a complex task that requires professional solutions.

The Int-Ext Сompany carries out the following types of renovations:

  • minor renovations – this entails the partial renovation of the cinema’s interior: replacing furniture, wall and floor coverings, etc. The main goal is to restore the attractive appearance of the decor and furnishing, which has been lost;
  • major renovations – this entails more extensive work: modernizing engineering and technical communications, installing new furniture and technical equipment, and the redevelopment of premises.
  • image-building renovations – this is carried out in the case that the concept and style are being changed in the network image. The work is carried out in accordance with architectural design approved by the client.

When renovating cinemas, special attention is paid to:

  • compliance with engineering systems standards – ventilation, air conditioning, fire extinguishing, fire alarm, fire signal system and evacuation control;
  • selection of certified finishing materials that fully comply with the standards for this type of premises;
  • competently built lighting system.
  • effective video surveillance system.
  • Type of work
    Price, RUB with VAT
    Minor refurbishment
    from 3 000
    Full-scale renovation
    from 15 000
    Shell & core fit-out
    from 25 000

    Experienced specialists from the Int-Ext company will perform cinema renovations of any level of complexity within a fixed time. We would be happy to speak with you to clarify the terms of cooperation by phone. We can be reached at +7 (495) 135-11-35.

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