Fit-out Work

Int-Ext company specializes in fit-out works of any degree of complexity. Our rich experience in this sphere, skilled staff and good technical resources help us fulfil even the most unusual projects.  We conduct interior fit-out as well as building facade fit-out. It gave our company its name deriving to the words "interior" and "exterior".

Our main sphere of activity is commercial real estate. Int-Ext fulfills all kinds of office fit-out works and remodeling of other premises: screeding, installation of raised floors, flooring, plastering, puttying and painting works, installation of plasterboard and glass partitions, suspended ceilings, doors and windows, tile cladding and stone facing, etc. The wide range of works that we fulfil allows us to undertake turnkey projects using only our own resources.

Besides offices, we provide services on restaurant fit-out and repair of other catering facilities. Such sites always require a lot of attention towards sanitary regulations and waterproofing, and we're always ready to consult you on these matters. Extremely tight deadlines are another feature of restaurant and bar fit-out. Idle period means significant losses. But we advise you against emergency methods at the expense of the technology and the quality of work. In the long run it will be cheaper and faster to do everything correctly one time than to waste your resources on alterations and snagging.

Int-Ext Company also fulfills fit-out of retail facilities - trade centres, shops and boutiques. We help our customers to choose the most durable materials. This durability is necessary due to intensiveness of their service. Shop fit-out requires virtually "immortal" materials and at the same time it's budget is always very limited. Our company can help you find a compomise between these two criterias. We share the client's final goal - attractive and durable interior of the trading space. At the same time our prices for shop fit-out remain reasonable due to our regular work with wholesale suppliers of building materials.

Another sphere of our activity is fit-out of cottages and townhouses. Providing these services we inevitably compete with gangs of "handymen" working for cash. Of course, our main competitive advantages are quality and professionalism. Working with a gang of local workers, a client has to become an engineer, a foreman and a procurement specialist at the same time. It takes time, which is by no means cheap. Turning to Int-Ext for cottage fit-out, the client gets rid of this headache. His rights are protected by the contract and he has a team of professionals working for him. The result of the works is on warranty for the next several years.

Regardless of the type of fit-out works required, we are always willing to consult you and provide our quote for fit-out of you premises. Please feel free to call us and assign your task.

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