Construction Work

Civil works are among the main activities of the Int-Ext company. In this area of construction lays large part of our experience, knowledge and skills in design, construction and fit-out of buildings of various types and complexity.

Our services

As part of the construction work, we offer the following services:

  • preparatory activities – clearing the construction site, dismantling of old structures;
  • excavation work – ditches and trenches digging, transportation of ground and its reinforcement;
  • installing foundations, taking into account anticipated loads and geodetic characteristics of the facility;
  • low-rise construction, erection of buildings and structures, a full cycle of construction works;
  • adjoining territory impovement;
  • In addition to civil works, we perform an installation of engineering systems, both external and intra-site.

Thus, the list of our services covers the entire spectrum of work in the field of low-rise building. The company Int-Ext is fully responsible for the interior and exterior of the site, performs all work to the key.

Our capabilities

Thanks to extensive experience in the field of construction works, as well as staffing with specialists of different skills, we are ready to offer the erection of sites of different types:

  • Cottage construction of any architectural complexity and area using most popular to date, cutting edge materials and technologies (brick, foam blocks and low-rise construction);
  • Construction of warehouses;
  • Utility buildings – temporary and permanent – garages and sheds, saunas and bathhouses, summer kitchen and cellar;
  • Construction of fences and railings – metal, brick, wood;
  • Installation of metallic constructions.

Depending on the type of an site we individually compile a team of specialists with the necessary skills to implement a specific type of construction work. Such an approach allows for the most proficient solution to the task.

Our advantages

Being a responsible and experienced General Contractor, the Int-Ext company has the necessary SRO certificate to carry out works for you and creates the most favorable and comfortable conditions, while ensuring:

High quality construction. Only specialists with relevant experience are working at your site.

Compliance with the construction schedule. Regardless of the complexity and scope of works, delivery or facilities and structures is always done by deadline specified in the terms and conditions of the contract.

5 years warranty for all buildings and structures erected. This is a personal offer of Int-Ext as proof that we carry out any construction works with responsible and professional attitude.

Settlement of all organizational matters. Acting as a complex building contractor, the Int-Ext company takes on responsibility for solving the problems of procurement and delivery of materials and provides the monitoring of compliance with the construction phases.

Affordable and reasonable prices. Construction cost is calculated strictly individually. However, you probably will be pleasantly surprised with our rates for various types of work.

Int-Ext means favorable conditions, productive relationship and warranty for any construction work.

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