Industrial Refurbishment

Amongst various types of premises which Int-Ext refurbishes, warehouses and buildings of industrial purposes are our priority. If you need to refurbish a warehouse, shop or any other similar site, we are always ready to help you.

Specifecs of warehouses refurbishment

Store premises have their own specifics. As a rule, industrial refurbishment is extremely simple in respect to the level of the applied materials: the owner is very particular about function and not the appearance of the premise. On the other hand, maintenance of such premises is not always cheap due to their considerable quadrature and height of the ceilings. Additional complexity may arise when the warehouse does not stop working during refurbishment. Operating cat-cranes and loaders with carts do not make life easier to builders who repair the premise. Yet experience and concordant schedule of work can minimize these inconveniences.

Refurbishment of factories - the main types of works

Since premises of this type are extremely ascetic as far as the level of their finishing fit-out is concerned, their refurbishment is restricted to several types of works.

Repairing and painting of the floors. As a matter of fact, floors in industrial premises are exposed to heavy loads. Moving heavy loads eventually affects the appearance and entirety of the floors within the premise. They often demand refurbishment as well as screeding and arranging self-leveling floors, including polymeric type. If you address the cheapest company, the floor can become unfit within one year, if not less. It is much cheaper and more expedient to commission the service to professionals and forget about it when the task has been completed.

Painting of metal constructions and other surfaces. This type of work is necessary to preserve metal constructions and surfaces from corrosion. As a rule, there are many constructions of this type in industrial premises, including supporting elements of the building as well as elements of technological purposes. In metal constructions, painting of metal coating is utilized, sometimes by applying an additional layer of color above it. If you neglect these types of work, inevitable impact of corrosion will soon lead to serious damage. Int-Ext performs painting works from the ground, by scaffold, elevated platforms, and also uses the services of industrial alpinists.

Roof repairs. Many big buildings suffer problems connected with roofs. Particularly it concerns the old industrial buildings of the Soviet epoch and new stores built in compliance with economic technologies. Therefore in refurbishing industrial premises, we usually need to eliminate leakages and perform preventive actions to avoid them in future. In performing roofing services, we have to decide between temporary solutions and fundamental remodeling. The choice depends, initially, upon the budget.

"Int-Ext" experts are always ready to consult you and go out unto the site, as well as to estimate the volume of warehouses, industrial premises, or other similar site remodeling. Call us and we shall do our best to solve your problem.

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