Office Partitions

Different types of partitions are used for effective zoning of office space. There are many types of office partitions which vary greatly in terms of price and complexity of manufacture. Int-Ext Company installs all types of partitions used in commercial real estate in Moscow.

  • Glass partitions are very popular for detailing the interior of offices and shopping malls. They make the space look presentable and neat. In a way, their transparency lowers the psychological barriers which inevitably arise between people separated by partitions. Glass partitions in an office can underscore a corporate policy of transparency and openness. If necessary, mat film can completely or partially conceal the premises.
  • Double glazed partitions, also known as framed partitions, are often used in offices. Partitions with double glazing consist of a rigid frame and glass pack. Their construction is similar to that of double glass panes, so they are sometimes called PVC partitions. Strictly speaking, however, this term refers only to partitions on a PVC frame, which are less popular than partitions on a metal frame. PVC partitions are often less popular than their bright-framed counterparts because they are bulkier. Most customers find double glass partitions on a metal frame to be the most appealing as they fit easily into a modern interior.
    They are assembled on-site and are affixed to the floor and ceiling. Due to its girth, cables can be pulled through the frame of a double partition: this is often convenient during office repairs. Furthermore, shutters can be installed between the layers of glass.
  • Single glazed partitions, also known as frameless partitions, are an integral part of the interior detailing of shopping malls and boutiques. They are constructed using a narrow clamping frame on the top and bottom of the partition, with large panes of tempered glass held together by a transparent sealant. By and large, the frames of all-glass partitions are practically unnoticeable because they are almost entirely transparent. The soundproofing quality of all-glass partitions, however, is not as high as that of double glazed partitions.
  • Mobile partitions are very popular in office décor because they are light, cheap, and easy to install and relocate. They are comprised of plastic panels and a light frame. Mobile partitions in offices are usually a meter and a half to two meters tall. After all, their main purpose is to create a psychological division of zones and to foster employees’ sense of separation and protection. Though not soundproof, mobile partitions remain popular.
  • Foldable partitions differ from stationary partitions in that they can be opened and folded. This capability is due to a special rail system along which the partition moves. Foldable office partitions are often used when two small conference rooms need to be transformed into a large conference hall. Int-Ext installs nontransparent as well as glass folding partitions, depending on the function of the premises and the customer’s preferences. It should be noted that all foldable partitions are made to order after individual sizing and take at least two months to deliver.

When installing office partitions, customized combinations are possible. For example, plasterboard installation may be combined with the insertion of glass sections, windows, etc. This leaves plenty of room for creativity, and we are always open to discussing standard as well as non-standard solutions. Call us and we will do our best to help you!

Type of work
Price in Rubles Including VAT
Installation of double glazed partitions with internal Venetian blinds (material + labour)
from 4800 upwards
Installation of single glazed frameless office partitions (material + labour)
from 5400 upwards
Installation of folding partitions (material + labour)
from 32000 upwards

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