Minor refurbishment of offices

If circumstances require to move into already fitted-out, but somewhat dilapidated premises, or there is a need to make stylistic changes and refresh the workspace, the best choice would be a minor refurbishment of the office. Strict compliance with the work performance technology and competent selection of materials will guarantee high-quality result at its best value.

Main stages

The full range of works on office minor refurbishment depends on the tasks set by the client and, as a rule, includes:

  • dismantling of old floor coverings;
  • laying the flooring, repainting walls, replacement suspended ceiling tiles;
  • repair or replacement of doors, and, if necessary, windows;
  • plumbing works with the installation of new equipment;
  • transfer and adding sockets for workplaces.

In the event of significant changes in the majority of engineering systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning, water supply and sewerage, power supply), this work is already called major refurbishment.

Important details

Minor refurbishment of offices has characteristic features in contrast to a similar type of fit-out works in apartments and houses. First of all, it is so with the selection of high-quality and durable materials that meet the established norms and standards.

For cost-effective finishing coating of walls the best choice will be latex paint base colors. Particular attention should be paid to the frequently touched and bumped parts of the walls in the office. Typically, these include door jambs, window openings, and narrow corridors curves. Special trimmers, profile angles or panels are used to protect them.

It is not advised to economize on suspended ceilings in the office, since it is one of the most visible fit-out elements. In cases where the office is in loft style with no suspended ceiling, then a high-quality painting of the ceiling and engineering systems must compensate it.

Due to intense usage conditions in the offices the entrance lobby should be designed with care. Thresholds and corner pads on the steps will help the premises look presentable for a long time.

The recommended frequency of office minor refurbishment is once every 3-5 years.

Fair offers

Int-Ext Company is known as a reliable and responsible partner in the field of engineering and fit-out works. We offer our clients effective solutions with due regard for the specific features of the premises, the specifics of its use and the financial abilities of the client.

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