Fit-out of offices starting from scratch

One of the most sought after services in the new built commercial property market is refurbishment of offices from shell & core condition. This state of the premises requires full fit-out.

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The term «shell & core» means that the building has all the necessary engineering systems, but they are laid in blocks only vertically and not horizontally. Owners and occupants themselves determine the configurations based on their needs and location of the workplaces.

Of course, office fit-out from scratch requires significant investments. But there are advantages that attract the clients:

  • the possibility to adjust the workspace as the client sees fit, taking into account the specific features of the company activity and its corporate style;
  • reluctance to trust the premises fit-out to the landlord or developer in order to cut down expenses, thus suffering in quality;
  • lower renting costs or prices for premises.
Office remodeling
from 3000 RUB/m2
  • Replacement of floorings
  • Local spackling and painting of walls if necessary
  • Repair of suspended ceilings, replacement of damaged tiles
  • Partial replacement of doors and sometimes windows (if required)
  • Replacement of sanitary ware if necessary
  • Shifting and adding sockets for workstations
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Office renovation
from 15000 RUB/m2
  • Replacement of floorings
  • Spackling and painting all surfaces
  • Repair of suspended ceilings, replacement of damaged tiles
  • Partial of full rearrangement of the space with relevant approvals
  • Replacement of all doors and sometimes windows (if required)
  • Replacement of sanitary ware if necessary
  • Rebuilding or seriously upgrading the engineering systems
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Shell&Core Fit out
from 25000 RUB/m2
  • Creation of working design, its coordination with the client
  • Horizontal distribution of engineering services
  • Leveling floors and walls, erecting partitions
  • Installation of suspended ceilings, installation of terminal devices on them
  • Finishing the walls (painting, wallpapering, panel installation)
  • Laying floor coverings
  • Installation of doors and sanitary ware
  • Commissioning of engineering systems
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Office Refurbishment Calculator

Please note that this is a rough estimate to be defined more precisely after visiting your site and working out the detailed cost-estimate.
Area, m2
100 to 25 000
Height between floor and ceiling slabs, m
3 to 7

Type of work required

Price segment of materials

Types of works

Fit-out material supply
Supply of luminaries
Certification as additional option
Supply of air conditioners
Sanitary ware supply
Fire alarm equipment
Total: 8 482 500 rubles

Shell & core fit-out of offices includes:

  • development of working design;
  • horizontal layout of engineering systems; floor and wall levelling, installation of wall partitions;
  • final phase of the premises refurbishment.

Experience of Int-Ext Company and knowledge of modern fit-out techniques allow us to create unique and modern office adjusted to all the client’s needs.

You can fill out the appropriate form or use an online calculator for an approximate cost of the work planned.

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