Renovation of medical clinics

Health facilities have their own specifics when it comes to carrying out ongoing and major renovations. Thoughtfully planned and qualitatively constructed clinics fully comply with current standards, ensuring patients’ safety and comfort.

Work in such premises requires the development of a working design, taking into account the medical center’s profile specialization and paying special attention to the following aspects:

  • zoning of premises in accordance with their purpose and requirements for their planning, based on sanitary regulations and standards;
  • the careful calculation of ventilation systems using zone separation, filtration and air disinfection for operating units;
  • installation of the walls and doors of X-ray rooms, taking into account X-ray protection requirements;
  • careful compliance with fire safety standards;
  • an attractive appearance of premises for patients and, when working with a network customer, corporate style.

We only use certified materials that meet the sanitary and fire requirements for the interior decoration of medical center premises, which are able to withstand regular wet cleaning.

Specialists from the Int-Ext Company quickly and qualitatively perform a full range of renovation work in medical clinics, in full accordance with current profile standards.

Type of work
Price, RUB with VAT
Minor refurbishment
from 3 000
Full-scale renovation
from 15 000
Shell & core fit-out
from 25 000

For a detailed consultation, to calculate a price quote or clarify the terms of cooperation, you can reach us in Moscow at +7 (495) 135-11-35.

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