Class A office refurbishment

Class A offices are premium class business premises. They are located only in modern business centers, equipped with general ventilation and air conditioning, as well as advanced safety systems. Such buildings are managed by specialized facility management companies hiring a sufficient staff of engineers and technicians. Construction of A class premises assumes a high-quality full range fit out by applying modern building materials and engineering systems.

Class A office running

It goes without saying that such premises are the choice of large corporations, well-established in the market. Requirements to class A office, already being quite high, is constantly transforming over time under the influence of new comfort and safety requirements.

Class A office fit out generally includes:

  • development of design and its approval with both the client and the facility management company;
  • the use of modern and high-quality materials;
  • installation or upgrading of engineering systems with consideration of quite strict requirements of the building to their quality;
  • the use of expensive office partitions (glass and movable), together with the plasterboard ones;
  • individual solutions for lighting, inclusion of corporate colors, symbols and themes in interior design.

Cooperation with Int-Ext

Entrusting repair of class A offices to Int-Ext specialists, you can be absolutely sure of the exact observance of contract obligations and defined timeframe of works. Partnering with us our clients get the best benefits-a creative task - solving approach, high professionalism and vast experience, the most modern technologies and materials!

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