Premium class office refurbishment

Modern office of a successful company must be not only comfortable, but also stylish, reputable and presentable. A memorable image of a workspace, reflecting the company's corporate style, can be created by premium class office refurbishment.

Premium class office refurbishment features and criteria

This type of refurbishment includes:

  • development of an individual design on architecture and engineering systems;
  • selection of business and premium workspace materials for engineering and fit out works: carpet tile, flooring, glass partitions, Venetian plaster, natural stone, natural wood, 3D-panels, design luminaires, etc.

At the same time, often there is used automation of certain elements (Smart Office): remote control window blinds, curtains and lighting, including the use of sensors for lighting control depending on the presence of people in the room.

Thus, all the client’s wishes in the interior office space will be considered. The result is a modern, comfortable premium workspace fully arranged for productive work, negotiations with clients, meetings, presentations and conferences. In the design there are being used corporate colors and symbols.

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