Facade Work

Facade works comprise a whole range of repair and fit-out work, intended to solve two very important tasks:

  • To make the building aesthetically attractive;
  • To protect construction design from different external factors like fall-out, wind, temperature drops, UV-Rays, and thus to prolong life of the building.
  • Int-Ext offers you a competent, operative and professional solution for these tasks.

Our Services

The experts of Int-Ext perform all the main types of facade work:

  • Facing and fit-out of facades with a variety of materials;
  • Surface painting;
  • Facade repair;
  • Installation of ventilated facades.

Facade Fit-Out

Fit-out of facades is a technologically complex process, requiring elaborate preparation. The cost as well as the utility, the aesthetics of the facing materials and the weight load on the building all need to be taken into account.

Int-Ext experts pay close attention to the choice of materials that will be used in facade fit-out. We can always recommend the optimal variant and offer the most reliable technology for completing the work.

At present the following services that we provide are in greatest demand:

  • Wet facade installation: the creation of aesthetically attractive heat insulation systems, based on the principle of multilayer heat plastering.
  • Installation of ventilated facades: We fit-out facades with a system based on aluminum or steel carcasses which have excellent sound proofing qualities as well as heat insulation and thus allow the customer to reduce heating expenses.

When making ventilated facades, we use facing materials of different types which effectively protect the building from fire and damage; they are durable, simple in maintenance and repair terms, and are aesthetically pleasing.

Facade Painting

This is one of the most economical and effective types of facade repair. It is used when it is necessary to restore the external appearance of the building with minimum expenses.

Int-Ext experts paint facades using various protective and decorative paint formulations: mineral, acrylic, silicon. If necessary, we provide additional servicing such as washing, facade repair, plaster decorative installations, etc.

Facade Repair

Facade repair comprises a whole project aimed at restoring the original exterior of the building. We provide a complete scope of work in this field, including the following:

  • plastering;
  • puttying and preparation for painting;
  • airtight joints;
  • reconstruction.

Int-Ext facade projects are highly professional, operative and not too expensive.

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