Refurbishment of industrial spaces

For normal operation of any enterprise it is necessary to ensure protection of premises from mechanical, chemical, shock and temperature loads which are inevitable in a production area; it is also important to create comfortable and safe working environment for employees. Therefore, the proper selection of materials, design and quality installation of engineering systems play a very important role in the refurbishment of industrial spaces.

Features of industrial spaces fit-out

As a rule, these types of premises require refurbishment due to:

  • changing the production specifics;
  • installation of new equipment;
  • expansion of production;
  • remodeling;
  • reinforcement of load-bearing structures;
  • renewal of engineering systems.

Depending on the tasks assigned, minor or major refurbishment may be required. Minor refurbishment does not require interruption of workshops operation and may imply replacement of doors and entrance groups, insulating glass units, refreshing fit-out of walls and floors (partial) in premises, electrical installation works.

Major refurbishment implies a complete rearrangement of the premises, production facilities and engineering systems. It begins with dismantling old materials, engineering systems, door and window groups. Usually, an architectural sketch design is required. At the time of major refurbishment the enterprise ceases to function.

The main determining factor for the cost of refurbishment in industrial spaces is the amount of work required and the cost of materials. It should be noted that the use of cheap low-quality compounds can lead to a necessity for minor refurbishment in a few months after delivery of the project. Besides, the cost depends on the specifics of production (for instance, pharmacological or food production require strict standards, governing the use of fit-out materials).

Int-Ext will render you a full range of services for major and minor refurbishment at industrial facilities. We guarantee high quality of work, its conformity to the current industry standards, safety standards, as well as strict observance of contract dates.

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