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The term "roofing work" comprises a whole range of services including design, installation, repair and maintenance of roofs. It is a top or crown of the building that completes its architectural look. Roof plays a very important and practical role because the weather conditions such as snow, rain, hail and direct sunlight can impact it.

A good solid roof besides a perfect look should be safe, without developing leaks for many years. It can only be achieved with the help of the correct installation by professionals and use of high-quality materials.

Today there are many companies on the Moscow market focusing on the roofing. On the one hand, it is very good, since competition promotes a greater variety of services, higher quality and lower prices. Yet it is not always good as roofing companies often turn to dumping.

Cost saving makes them use cheaper materials and unskilled labor. In order to prevent that and to get high quality workmanship, we propose to list companies that have gained a good reputation and have been on the market for a while. This goal is quite attainable, and Int-Ext Company brilliantly proves it.

The stages of roof arrangement

The installation of the roof includes several steps:

  • making rafters which should bear the load of the roof and snow;
  • waterproofing: protecting the roof from water and ice damage;
  • installation of a special pre-engineered and premade roof framework to which the roof shingles can be fixed;
  • installation of the ventilation system for the under-roof space in order to eliminate the excess of moisture leading to fungi and mildew that reduce the roof longevity;
  • installation of the roofing material;
  • insulation of the roof;
  • installation of the vapor barrier;
  • installation of the storm drainage system.

Roof works performed by Int-Ext company

If you plan to install roof, we suggest you to enquire with Int-Ext Company. It has been on the Moscow construction market since 2009, and has gained an excellent reputation with balancing of the reasonable prices and the highest quality of its services.

If you call our Company, you may be sure that all the roof works will be performed on the highest level. A whole range of factors proves it.

First of all, our experts have an extensive experience in performing this work and will take a full responsibility for implementing them for duration of construction. It allows us to perform the whole range of roofing works irrespective of the roof type and architectural complexity of the building. In addition, we are capable of making all necessary repairs in case of any damage.

Secondly, we install and repair roofs using only high-quality materials which can provide durability. It concerns timber, vapor barrier, waterproofing and other materials, as well as membrane (build-up) roof.

Thirdly, while performing roofing our experts will strictly follow the design documents, which guarantees abiding all the construction codes and provides the safety of the roof.

Fourthly, our pricing of repair and installation of the roof does not exceed an average market price. It allows our clients to prevent extra financial expenses while performing construction and refurbishment.

Many of our customers already took the advantage of all above, including legal entities. We have been recommended by our previous customers.

We'll be happy to see you as our customers. We are only a phone call away. Our managers will give you the complete information including full estimate of the scope of work. They will calculate all inclusive cost of the roofing. (Or you can fill out the appropriate form available on our site, and we will promptly give the answers to your questions).

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