Refurbishment of gyms and fitness centers

Premises for sports is a special place, which requires meticulous preparation. To ensure high quality refurbishment of sports facility, a number of characteristic details and aspects should be taken into account.

Features of refurbishment of sports facilities

  • The height. Typically, gyms and fitness clubs have high ceilings. All types of repair work on the ceilings and installation of engineering systems on them need a tower-tour, which makes the process rather complicated.
  • Functional zoning of space. It is important to carefully consider the arrangement of sports equipment and stock. The ancillary facilities, such as bathrooms, showers, locker rooms, are to be correctly arranged. If it is included in the business plan, you can allocate rooms for a fitness bar, a massage room, a solarium.
  • Ventilation and climate control. According to the current building standards sports halls should have powerful ventilation and air conditioning systems to ensure comfortable conditions for doing sports.
  • Soundproofing. Many of the exercise equipment are power training apparatus with considerable weight. They make a noise while operating. Because of the above mentioned fact, refurbishment of such halls sometimes requires additional sound insulation, especially if there are other tenants and owners in the premises below.
Type of work
Price, RUB with VAT
Minor refurbishment
from 3 000
Full-scale renovation
from 15 000
Shell & core fit-out
from 25 000

Selection of fit-out materials

Sports activities are associated with various types of loads on the floor. Therefore, for laying the floor it is necessary to select good wear-resistant materials with big safety margin. Often, modular floor coverings from rubber and PVC are used. Generally, in the areas of training apparatus and dance halls there are used floor board and laminate.

Special attention requires fit-out of walls with mirrored panels. They give the halls a presentable appearance and visually expand the space. Moreover, they enable professional athletes and amateurs to control the correctness of the exercises being done.

Int-Ext specialists will carry out refurbishment of gyms and fitness clubs on your order, and will develop a complete package of design documentation, which includes engineering systems and architectural designs. A professional approach to solving problems, years of experience and high qualification of specialists, as well as accurate observance of deadlines, using of modern materials and equipment enable us to guarantee high quality refurbishment.

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