Office of a large insurance company




4 months.

Works performed

Int-Ext Company fulfilled an order by a large insurance company and carried out design works and complete fit-out of office premises with total area of 1450 m2. It took one month to design and approve the documents with the facility management company, and 3 months were spent on construction works.

In accordance with the prepared design documentation it was carried out installation of partitions from plasterboard. In parallel, a full range of works was being performed on engineering systems, such as structured cabling systems, ventilation and air conditioning, fire alarm, warning and fire extinguishing systems, electricity, water supply and sewage systems. The heating system was upgraded as well.

At the finishing stage we carried out installation of the raised floor, laid the flooring, installed the suspended ceiling and painted the walls; we mounted also glass partitions and partition transformers. All work was done using high quality and safe materials. Our specialists installed a new kitchen and roller blinds.

The outcome was premises that met all ergonomic requirements of a modern office.

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