Intermed LLC Medical Clinic


26 Stremyanny lane, Moscow


5 monts

Works performed

Contracted by Intermed LLC, Int-Ext performed a full range of fit-out works with a total area of ​​1200m2.

Prior to refurbishment our team dismantled the old fit-out and engineering systems. We have also made changes to the design documentation, in particular, electrical, HVAC, water supply and sewerage systems. After we got the go-ahead with the design, our specialists proceeded to installation of partition walls made of plasterboard and glass. Then we installed washable wall panels, front and interior doors. We also installed motorized automatic doors for the operating theater. The floor was levelled and covered with new floorings. Along with that, our specialists have fulfilled installation of engineering systems: power supply and lighting, structured cabling system, sewage, HVAC. For water supply system we used a central electric water heater with a circulation pump.

The clinic was equipped with four separate systems of supply and exhaust ventilation systems for various areas of the facility with centralized cooling and air filtration functions. Finally, we conducted testing, adjusting and commissioning works.

We met the term of the contract. The client was pleased with the result.

Appreciation from the Customer
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