Laska Pressing Dry Cleaner (Nash Gipermarket Trade Centre)


10 Bibirevskaya Str., Nash Gypermarket shopping center, Moscow.


2 months.

Works performed

Fulfilling the order by LMT-Service LLC, our company performed comprehensive fit-out and installation of equipment in the Laska Pressing express dry cleaner.

The work started with remodeling of the premises. It was necessary to divide the space into separate functional areas suitable for installation of complex specialized equipment, receiving visitors and for staff comfort.

Then additional power trunk, intended for high-power industrial equipment power supply, was built. Our specialists carried out a full range of works on the installation and connection of water supply and sewage systems. In addition reserve water tanks, pumps, filters, valves and control equipment were installed in accordance with the customer specifications. Technical installations of the dry cleaner were checked too.

The project was finished with interior fit-out (painting the walls, floor and ceiling covering) using high-quality and safe materials.

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