Nu Skin office


29/9 Donskaya Str., Moscow.


2 months.

Works performed

Int-Ext Company carried out refurbishment of the US cosmetics manufacturer office Nu Skin.

The work was started with removal of old flooring, ceilings, dismantling of doors, partitions. The fully cleaned, leveled basis was laid with a new, more wear-resistant and durable floor covering. After puttying, the office walls and ceilings of two-level gypsum board were painted in warm beige and sand tones. Zoning was carried out using modern functional glass and plasterboard partitions. In addition, the interior doors were replaced, as well as the bathrooms renovated by replacement of tiles and sanitary ware. Int-Ext specialists adjusted electricity and access control, the local network. The result was a modern, functional, ergonomic workspace.

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