Office of a large Chinese corporation


Moscow, Tsvetnoy Boulevard metro station

Works performed

Int-Ext Company has successfully completed the design and renovation of the office of a large Chinese corporation. The office is located in a detached mansion near the Tsvetnoy Bulvar metro station.

Our scope of work included:

  1. working design - architectural interior and engineering systems;
  2. dismantling the dilapidated finishing of the building down to concrete;
  3. installation of plasterboard and glass partitions;
  4. plastering, spackling and painting of walls and ceilings;
  5. laying carpet tiles and laminate flooring;
  6. laying of ceramic granite and ceramic tiles on floors and walls;
  7. installation of plasterboard and modular suspended ceilings;
  8. installation of unglazed and glazed doors;
  9. installation of supply and exhaust ventilation systems;
  10. installation of VRF air conditioning systems;
  11. modernization of power supply and electric lighting systems;
  12. building a new structured cabling system;
  13. replacement of pipelines and sanitary ware;
  14. installation of fire alarm and public address systems;
  15. facade work, local repair of the roof;
  16. replacement of all windows of the building with installation of blinds;
  17. supply and installation of office furniture - tables, armchairs, cabinets, pedestals, etc .;
  18. obtaining new technical plans for premises in the BTI.
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