Trade Center Gorod, 12 Enthuziastov Highway, bld. 2, Moscow.


1.5 months.

Works performed

Int-Ext Company successfully completed refurbishment of the clothing store SERGE by the Serge-style LLC order. Our works started with dismantling of the old interior elements. The new design was focused on a large flow of visitors, optimal storage conditions, convenience for customers and the staff. Our specialists had to implement it. (This was the task to be implemented by our specialists).

Several design solutions with plasterboard were implemented, such as creation of a comfortable space by using partitions, arrangement of niches for the goods in vertical constructions, and installation of the ceiling. The fit-out works included also painting the walls and laying the floor tiles.

The modified power supply system allowed establishing the right number of modern lighting devices, ensuring optimum illumination level. Mounted HVAC systems were designed to support the store cool temperatures in summer.

Appreciation from the Customer
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