Fit out of Intermed LLC Medical Clinic of 1200m2

Int-Ext Company performed a wide range of design, fit out and engineering works, such as:

  • Adjustment of design documentation for electrical power supply, ventilation, cooling, water supply and sewage systems;
  • Dismantling old fit out and engineering systems;
  • Leveling floors, flooring installation;
  • Installation of plasterboard partitions and washable partitions for the operating unit, as well as glass partitions;
  • Installation of front and interior doors, motorized automatic doors to cleanrooms;
  • Installation of four separate supply and exhaust ventilation systems for various areas of the clinic with centralized cooling and air filtration functions, followed by balancing and balancing works;
  • Installation of electric power supply and lighting systems;
  • Installation of a structured cabling system;
  • Installation of water supply and sewage systems with a central electric water heater and a circulation pump.

Located at: 26 Stremyanny lane, Moscow

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