Refurbishment of an office building for MVT-Torgovaya Nedvizhimost LLC

Int-Ext Company is glad to announce that the design & major repair of an office building of 1500m2 for MVT – TORGOVAYA NEDVIZHIMOST LLC is complete.

The refurbishment of the 5-storey building included:

  • replacement of floor coverings;
  • replacement and repair of doors;
  • replacement of suspended ceilings;
  • plastering and painting works;
  • replacement of sanitary ware;
  • partial replacement of heating radiators;
  • installation of decorative casings for the radiators;
  • waterproofing works, leakage arresting;
  • artificial lawn installation of the terraces;
  • repair of porch.


We overhauled the electric power supply system, which included:

  • dismantling of the old electrical power supply system;
  • installing new electrical cabling system and socket network;
  • upgrading the lighting system;
  • assembling and installing the electrical distribution boards;
  • arrangement of emergency power reserve;
  • installing diesel electrical generator of 135 kW;
  • cable insulation resistance measurements.


The ventilation and air conditioning systems were also overhauled. We performed:

  • dismantling old air handling units, a part of ducts and split systems;
  • installation of new supply and exhaust air handling units;
  • connection of supply AHUs top the heat supply system;
  • installation of ducting in all premises;
  • installing air distribution grills;
  • renovation of air conditioning system;
  • installation of split systems in the server room with automatic changeover.
  • balancing and commissioning works.


Besides that, we installed new structured cabling system, including:

  • distribution of UTP cabling;
  • installation of RJ-45 sockets;
  • installation of IT racks on each floor;
  • commutation of patch panels;
  • SCS testing and certification for 15 years.


We also installed a gas fire suppression system in the server room.

The engineering systems of the building were thus fully overhauled and renovated as the interior was refurbished and improved. The building is ready for tenancy.

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