Renovation in Two Hospitals for the Grant Life Foundation

Int-Ext has successfully accomplished refurbishment works in the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital and the Morozov Children's City Hospital.

We have fulfilled a wide range of plumbing works in the oncology unit of the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital. Old and malfunctioning pieces of sanitary ware was replaced with new ones. Due to high local requirements for surface sanitizing, we have also cleaned the existing sinks and walls with antiseptic treatment of areas suffering from fungosity. At the same time, we have upgraded the electrical power supply and low voltage systems, replaced damaged cabling and a number of sockets and luminaries. The walls and ceilings were repainted. The ventilation system was balanced properly.

In the Morozov Children's City Hospital we have refurbished a storage room on the ground floor. Grant Life Foundation is using this room to store toys, infant care and layette.

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