Warehouse refurbishment and replacement of doors at Rockwool factory

Int-Ext Company has completed a set of refurbishment works at the Rockwool factory for ZAO «MinVata» in the Zheleznodorojniy town.

Refurbishment of the facade of the finished products warehouse included the following works:

  • replacement of bent channel bars in the dispatch windows with subsequent painting;

  • dismantling and replacement of galvanized steel slopes in dispatch windows;

  • repair of brickwork in the esconsons;

  • dismantling and replacing rubber plates, renewal of facade plaster beneath them;

  • dismantling of rubber bumpers from the facade with subsequent partial replacement;

  • replacement of deformed galvanized steel window cappings;

  • replacement of bump stops at the edges of dispatch windows;

  • repair of dock shelters;

  • dismantling plastic cladding at the dispatch ramp, replacing it with profiled sheeting;

  • enframing edges of profiled sheeting with L-steel 25х25mm.

Besides that, we have replaced a number of doors in technical and personnel facilities of the plant with subsequent repair of esconsons.

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