Access Control

System of access control is quite a wide term: even an ordinary tourniquet at the building entrance is also a sort of access restriction. Yet nowadays most often access control systems mean a combination of software and hardware that provides all the restrictive measures: from making access cards to blocking the passage to the protected territory and signaling to the security service.

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Besides, an access control system can perform several additional functions: accounting of the employees’ time, control of security patrol work, and management of the alert systems (i.e. sirens, emergency lightning). The installation of the access control systems often provides an ability to interact with the intruder alarm and the fire alarm as well as the video monitoring. Int-Ext performs installation of all these systems as well as integration of access control into the overall system of building security.

The principle of access control work

Access control systems can be differentiated by the types of access devices. These include electronic identifiers, say, ТМ/iButton keys (which are often used for door intercommunication system), smart cards, or contact-free proximity cards that are typical for administrative and business centers.

Installation of an access control system includes installation of the card reader devices as a must. These devices can be activated by an access key touch (for iButton) or can be contact-free (for radio frequency identification). In commercial real estate, the contact-free keys in different forms are most often used, both for people as well as cars at the parking equipped with an automatic lifting gate.

While installing the access control system, a controller is installed separately. The controller analyzes the access code and makes a decision to pass the employee through this or that access point. As a rule, the controller operates the locks, the tourniquets, the garage lifting gates and other operation units.

In access control installation, all information from the controller can be sent to the administrator computer or to a separate hard disc where all the passes are recorded and accounted for. The administrator of the safety system can remotely allow or forbid access to the controlled territory.

Additional functions of access control system

More complex systems of access control usually include several computers and regulate access to the territory depending on time, day of a week, and holidays. Installation of access control systems provides an ability to send the information on all the movements across the controlled territory on-line through the Internet and through SMS messaging to alert security service employees and other stakeholders who are concerned with the suspicious movements across the controlled territory.

The access control system software provides an ability to create different types of reports during a certain span of time. In addition, the access control system of the most secret type utilizes protection from unauthorized possession of access key using the biometrical identification such as fingerprints, retina, voice, etc. and also an answer to a control question.

Installation of an Access Control System

Access control system assembly comprises installation and connection of electronic locks, tourniquets, lifting gates, and other access control devices. In addition, the card readers and a controller are installed, with the latter connected to the administrator’s workstation. All these elements are integrated together into a comprehensive system. Then, the software is installed and configured, and the system tests are performed. These steps complete the installation of the access control system.

Electronic Cards for Access Control System

Installing access control system in the large organizations or offices with a big flow of visitors can include workstations for temporary access cards issue. In this case, the visitors’ data is immediately added to the security system database. The operation time of the temporary access cards is usually restricted and after a certain time the card becomes useless.

Int-Ext performs design and installation of access control systems of any complexity as well as their further integration with other engineering systems. We perform “turnkey” installation and will not ask you to open or close ceilings, walls, floors, and install cables, locks or door closers.

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