Erecting walls and partitions of foam concrete blocks is quite common in today’s construction industry. These works include:

  • Foam concrete blockwork
  • Gas concrete blockwork

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We deliver projects on time
We deliver projects
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Working 7/24
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We abide the law
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Fixed price
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Why is this material often preferred to common brick? The main reason is that the final price of block work per cubic meter is less due to relatively low cost of the material.

Gas concrete blocks are approximately 30% cheaper than bricks and foam concrete blocks are on the average 40% cheaper. Naturally, with considerable amount of work it gives very substantial savings.

Brickwork is stronger and has greater load carrying capacity. But it doesn't play any important role in low-rise construction, erection of partitions etc. Due to commercial reasons, these tasks are performed using block work.

Technologies of foam concrete and gas concrete construction are practically the same. For bonding, sand cement mortar or tile adhesive can be used. However, we recommend only special glue providing optimum adhesion. For better strength we reinforce walls with masonry mesh.

There are several reasons for placing an order for blockwork with Int-Ext Company:

  • Reliability. Int-Ext is a company which is quite successful on the market for over 5 years. We always take full responsibility for our work.
  • Warranty. Quality of the work performed by In-Ext Company is not only ensured by the contract, but is also confirmed by numerous Client references. Furthermore, you can meet our Clients in person and ask them your questions – we have nothing to hide.
  • Complex approach. We perform turnkey work including procurement services and providing our customers with full set of certificates for all supplied materials.
  • Reasonable pricing for block work. Acceptable pricing policy is one of the main principles of our work.

If you need to build block walls as well as other related construction and finishing works, call us and we will perform any of your tasks.

Type of work
Price in Rubles Including VAT
Blockwork (work fulfilled by Int-Ext)
from 2800 to 3600

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