Brickwork is popular in building cottages as well as in detailing the interior. The broad experience and professionalism of Int-Ext experts allow them to cope with work in the shortest time and guarantee a high-quality result.

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We deliver projects
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Working 7/24
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We abide the law
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Fixed price
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There are several types of brickwork:

  • Basic brickwork is used in all basic construction: foundations, walls, lintels. For this, solid or perforated bricks, depending on the wall type, and mortar can be used.
  • Reinforced brickwork: We recommend this type of brickwork, ensuring the durability of the construction. We use reinforcing net and rebar to reinforce brickwork. This type of brickwork is a bit more expensive, but it will not present any unpleasant surprises even after many years.
  • Brickwork without reinforcement uses only two components: brick and mortar. Brick partitions of this type are sometimes used for walls without a structural load. But we recommend reinforcement even in the brickwork of interior partition walls.
  • Facing brickwork: In addition to other types of facade facing, we often perform facing brickwork. For this we use special face brick, which can have different colors and surface textures to suit any taste. Facing facades with brick, we can thus bring the most various design ideas to life.

The Cost of Brickwork

When choosing a construction company, you naturally pay attention to the price of its services. Int-Ext guarantees high professionalism, high quality of implemented work, and honest cost estimation. “But it’s cheap!” has never been our motto. We work only via bank transfer, pay taxes, and are fully responsible for our work.

The price of brickwork is based on the following parameters:

  • Type of brickwork;
  • Amount of work;
  • Location of worksite;
  • Altitude of operations.

The prices for bricklaying and also the cost of facing brickwork are given in the table below. If different architectural elements (e.g., arches) are shaped during the construction of the building, they are calculated individually.

Our main advantage over competitors is that we provide full predictability of work. To define the final brickwork cost, we give you a cost estimate describing the price of all materials and types of work. The total sum is fixed in the contract before the work begins and cannot be changed.

Type of work
Price in Rubles Including VAT
Installation of brick partitions 12 cm thick (labor only)
about 1500

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