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Fence is not just a functionally significant element in any garden-plot used for setting up a frontier and protecting the territory from undesirable visitors. Fences made of brick, wood and metal are an essential part of landscape design. They can become an extra decoration of the structure, or, on the contrary, upset the general composition. That’s why first of all it’s extremely important to choose the right material for constructing the fence.

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In this regard the modern market offers a wide variety of variants and solutions:

  • Metallic fences. Made of profiled sheeting or fabricated sections, they are characterized by high durability, safety and longevity. In addition, metallic fences don’t demand any special care. Installation of this kind of fence opens wide opportunities for selection of different color solutions.
  • Brick fences. Construction of brick fences is always a competent investment of assets. Such a fence has no rivals in durability and longevity and may serve more than 55 years, preserving the initial look. Like metallic fences, brick fences perfectly fulfill decorative functions and don’t need special care.
  • Wooden fences. It's an ideal variant for those who want to save on wall construction. Wooden fences are set to create temporary protection. Wooden fences are not so long-lasting as brick and metallic fences, but are economical and esthetically attractive.
  • Fences from Rabitz type steel-wire fabric. An acceptable variant for a cottage house or garden-plot can also be used for a playground and car park. The construction of fences from chain-wire is much cheaper than from any other material. Besides, such a fence protects the territory leaving a good field of view.

Int-Ext Company performs construction and sets the fences using all the available materials. We are ready to guarantee high quality of work coupled with affordable pricing!

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