Carpet Installation

Carpeting is one of the most wide-spread fit-out works in refurbishment of apartment or remodeling of offices and other premises. It’s not in vain that people buy carpet or carpet tile for floor covering. These materials can create cozy ambiance in any premise. They make for heat insulation and sound damping, while the variety of colors and patterns allows us to select covering that will match a premise of any style.

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Our experts are always ready to help you in carpeting. Pricing will depend on floor area and complexity of work.

Preparatory works

Before carpet flooring is started, it’s necessary to measure the premise accurately, especially niches and door openings. When carpet tile is used, wastage usually make 5–8% of the whole squaring. If you lay rolls of carpet, cutting losses may reach 15% and more due to the roll cut-out matching the shape of the room and the necessity to observe the direction of the nap. Roll of carpet is usually cheaper, but on the other hand, carpet tile is more convenient in maintenance, as it allows you to replace the damaged or spoilt piece easily. You may replace only one tile, which is much easier than to replace the whole carpet covering of the room.

You can lay carpet properly only on the ideally even surface. For this purpose screed with an upper layer made of self-leveling composition is arranged over the concrete intersection slab.

Before works are started, rolls of carpet are spread on the floor and are left to “lie” there. Carpet should become even, acquire the temperature and the humidity of the premise. If carpet tiles or pieces of carpet should be laid, the patterns on the surface must match each other, and geometry of patterns must be preserved.

carpet flooring

Apart from premises’ squaring and complexity of their planning, the type of carpet flooring also influences the cost. Carpeting without glue is used in small premises, where an entire roll of carpet is floored (seamless). The covering is leveled, the surpluses are cut, and the edges are fixed by plinths.

Carpeting on double-side scotch is popular and simple. Double side scotch is easily applied on the surface of the screed; it doesn’t soil it and can be easily removed.

If glue is used, carpet is glued on the whole plane, which increases the installation durability and longevity. This type of flooring is the most popular in a high-quality fit-out of large square premises.

The cost of carpet flooring installation per square meter is shown in the table below. Please feel free to call us for a detailed calculation of all the fit-out works.

Int-Ext Company Services
Price in Rubles Including VAT
Carpeting installation (labour only)
about 300
Carpet skirting installation (labour only)
l. m.
about 180

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