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Installation of video monitoring is one of the most popular and available methods of providing security in offices, dwelling houses and other buildings. It can be a separate service or a part of complex safety system.

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To date installation of video monitoring systems suggests a wide scope of functions: not only the recording and playback of images but also an active response of the safety system in case of unexpected situations. The most popular systems of video monitoring in Moscow are the following:

  • CCTV system with video recorder. It's an independent device for image recording, control and reproduction.
  • CCTV system with video server. In this case audio- and video recording is made on the computer server. Such an installation of video monitoring has wide capacities, is easy and flexible in settings that can be made.

In this case the following systems are used:

  • Wireless systems. Video monitoring of this type requires Wi-Fi technology, i. e. wireless links from the video cameras. An electricity supply cable for the video cameras is still necessary.
  • IP (hybrid) systems of video monitoring. Modern techniques make it possible to connect analog cameras of different types to a structured cabling system (with high sensitivity, PTZ and others). No problems with equipment compatibility arise.

The Main Reasons For Video Monitoring Installation

Video monitoring installation allows to solve a wide range of tasks, including:

  • observation of objects in the visual field of video camera;
  • counting objects that pass through the field of view;
  • synchronization of recordings from different cameras;
  • export to various audio- and video formats;
  • recognition of vehicle identification numbers passing through the guarded area.

CCTV installation makes it possible to control the situation through the Internet. The main feature of network cameras is that they photograph, quantize, compress and translate the image to the network according to standard network protocols.

Wireless cameras should also be mentioned. These are often used for video monitoring in offices and on the street. Such cameras don’t record anything; they only transmit the signal to a receiving device. While installing video monitoring it can be connected to video recording devices in order to create an archive of records. If video and audio inputs are available, wireless cameras can be connected to computers or notebooks.

Installation of CCTV system – cost estimation and the scope of works

The experts of "Int-Ext" have provided installation of video monitoring for a long time, so we have developed considerable skill and experience in this sphere. Such installations can be carried out during the remodeling of premises or separately.

Video monitoring installation begins with the creation of a design drawing. It's necessary to calculate the number, locations and types of cameras (analog or digital), as well as the place for maintaining a records archive. After that we make an estimate consisting of two parts: the cost of equipment (including software) plus equipment installation, software installation and adjustment of the system.

Installation of video monitoring can include the following types of works:

  • installation of street CCTV cameras;
  • installation of video monitoring cameras in offices, apartments, homes, workshops or any other premises;
  • connection and adjustment of video recording;
  • installation of different rotating units and CCTV cameras for large areas;
  • Installation of video monitoring in the framework of complex safety systems.

CCTV installation projects performed by Int-Ext include software adjustment and instruction of the customer’s personnel in how to use the system. We are always ready to help the client with further expansion of the system, increasing the number of cameras or adding additional functions.

Our experts are always ready to consult you and install video monitoring at your site in full compliance with your purposes and wishes. We provide full warranty on all the services.

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