Demolition work

Renovation of commercial premises is a great way to update the interior, change the environment, make it more comfortable, modern, or change the functional purpose of the space. Office fit-out is preceded by removing old finishes and structures - dismantling, which is one of the most demanded services in the construction market.

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We deliver projects
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We abide the law
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Types of dismantling of finishing in commercial premises

Depending on the scale and level of complexity, dismantling works may include:

  • removal of interior decoration elements: grinding off peeling paint, removing wallpaper, dismantling floor coverings and suspended ceilings, ceramic tiles;
  • demolition of walls made of bricks and breeze blocks, dismantling of plasterboard and glass partitions, breaking off concrete screed; dismantling of doors and windows;
  • dismantling of internal engineering systems, including air ducts, pipes, cabling, sockets and switches, lamps, sanitary ware and other terminal units.

The cost of the work depends on their volume, the complexity of the work, the total area of the site. After the completion of the dismantling and cleaning of construction debris, one can proceed to the refurbishment and decoration of the premises.

Cooperation with INT-EXT

Experienced highly qualified specialists of our company will quickly and efficiently carry out dismantling work of any level of complexity in commercial premises. We guarantee:

  • exact adherence to the estimate - the scope of work and its cost is discussed in advance, the sum is usually fixed, so you can be sure that you will not be faced with the need to constantly increase the budget;
  • strict fulfillment of the terms specified in the contract;
  • high quality of work performed - we use specialized equipment and tools that help to successfully dismantle brick, panel, wood, ceramic and plasterboard structures.

To get an estimate for dismantling work or clarify the terms of cooperation, contact our specialists by phone +7 (495) 135-11-35 or fill out the feedback form on the website.

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