Drip Edge Flashings

Roof drip edges matter much in construction and property management. They protect the joints between the roof and the façade from negative weather impact. At the same time they improve the look and make the building more attractive.

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We deliver projects
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We abide the law
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Custom-tailored service

Int-Ext Company manufactures and installs drip edges of any meterage for all building types. We can help you develop the drawings and fixing details that will suit your particular building. Moreover, we recommend to sign the drawings together, confirm the installation method and attach the documentation to the contract. This way strict observation of technological requirements is ensured. It also helps us eliminate any wanton interpretation of the technology. As a result, the client gets high quality and durable drip edge flashings that can stand rain, snow and storms for many years.

Flashing edge installation means:

  • complicated and safety-related work requiring serious experience;
  • dependence on weather conditions during the works;
  • highly dangerous work that is conducted with special safety precautions.

All these factors lead us to a conclusion that these works require a professional construction company familiar with façade and roofing works. You can entrust installation or repair of drip edges only to such specialists. But, as practice shows, even in this case the client should not fully relax and leave the works without any control.

During the installation of drip edge flashings, Int-Ext Company advices you to take the following measures:

  • make sure that your contract includes warranty no less than 1 year;
  • demand a detailed drawing of the roof flashing edges before start of the work and approve it with your engineering dept.;
  • prior to start of the work, check the qualification of employees in charge of work execution and their Health & Safety certificates;
  • closely control the usage of safety harnesses by contractor’s employees during roof edge installation.

Taking these precautions in time will help you achieve success without unpleasant surprises. If you need roof edge repair or installation of a new flashing edge, please feel free to address and consult the Int-Ext Company. We'll be glad to provide a piece of advice and calculate a commercial proposal for you.

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