Electrical Work

It's hard to overestimate role of an electrician at the office or any other premise. A house with expertly designed power grid will create a comfortable environment for its inhabitants, protect lives and health of people and expensive equipment.

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We deliver projects
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Working 7/24
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We abide the law
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Given the importance of electrical supply for the livelihood of the building any related work should be trusted only to professionals. The contractor you pick should provide full guarantee of its work and offer a complete range of services. From that perspective your best choice is the company Int-Ext which brings vast practical experience of electrical work of any complexity.

One of the principal activities of Int-Ext is a turnkey installation of electricity. We offer the following services:

  • Pulling electric wiring at new sites, repair and replacement of the old nets;
  • Installation of wiring accessories: sockets, switches, luminaires or lighting fitting;
  • Installation of electrical accessories: sockets, switches, and light fixtures;
  • Hook up of any equipment to the power grid;
  • Network connect of various equipment;
  • Installation of structured cabling systems;
  • Installation of remote control and "smart house" systems.

Along with wiring the house, the company Int-Ext offers a wide range of related services: measurement of insulation resistance including lab report, design of electrical projects for the office, cottage, shops, and other sites. We consult the clients on any issues and assist with choosing the materials.

The key advantages of our company in this area are:

  • staffed with highly trained electrical engineers and electricians licensed for this type of work;
  • use of modern equipment and professional tools to wire a building of any type;
  • lightning speed of work while maintaining the highest quality;
  • complex approach to solutions: diagnostics, installation and electricity repair in cottage or offices;
  • an option to select and deliver the necessary materials with consideration given to client’s budget;
  • reasonable pricing;
  • providing warranties for all kinds of works.

Int-Ext is synonymous with high quality turnkey electrical work that lasts for decades!

Int-Ext Company Services
Price in Rubles Including VAT
Chasing of surfaces for PVC conduits DN16-25
l. m.
about 450
Installation of electrical cable trays (labor only)
l. m.
about 300
Pulling flexible PVC conduits DN16-25 (labor only)
l. m.
about 60
Pulling power cables up to 3х2,5 (labor only)
l. m.
about 70
Installation of floor boxes in concrete floors (labor only)
about 2200
Installation of floor boxes in raised floors (labor only)
about 1500
Installation of a single power socket 220V (labor only)
about 450
Installation of built-in raster luminaries 600x600mm in Armstrong suspended ceilings (labor only)
about 600
Installation of downlight luminaires in suspended ceilings (labor only)
about 600
Installation of junction boxes (labor only)
about 600

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