Facade Fit-out

Facade is the "face" of any commercial building because aside from having aesthetic and practical function, it plays an important role in creation of image for a successful and reliable company. Facade matters irrespective of whether your company is located on the first floor of the residential building, or in a detached building, or is a part of the trade center.

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We deliver projects on time
We deliver projects
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Working 7/24
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We abide the law
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Fixed price
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Int-Ext Company offers a variety of facade repair services from minor to extensive renovations.

Facade painting and plastering

This type of work is of the simplest. It is usually required for a quick fix of small defects. This is a good way to preserve aesthetics of a building, protect it from damages and improve its durability.

In the scope of its professional activity of facade repair and renovation Int-Ext offers the following types of services:

  • selection of material and paint color based on architectural characteristics of the building and clients' aesthetics preferences;
  • restoration;
  • employment of industrial climbers for facade fit-outs, if necessary.

Project costs depend on the extent of the project and materials used. We offer a variety of fit-out materials – mineral, acrylic, silicon based and mixed solutions.

Facade facing and installation of RAINSCREEN CLADDING systems

In addition to the mentioned above “wet” technologies, Int-Ext Company performs facades fit-out with natural and artificial stone, as well as installation of the so-called rainscreen cladding. These types of fit-out are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they have certain advantages including:

  • ecological properties;
  • resistance to weather fluctuations;
  • longevity;
  • simplicity of assembly;
  • relatively low cost.

Why it is worth ordering facade fit-out in our company?

In Moscow it is difficult to find a reliable contracting company for construction and fit-out. If you hire Int-Ext Company, you get:

  • free of charge visit of our specialist to the site in order to make a preliminary assessment of the scope of work and to calculate the approximate cost of the project.
  • high quality and strict observance of technical requirements;
  • operative performance of the order in a timely manner;
  • warrantees for all types of completed work.

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