Facade Painting

We paint the facades of new buildings as well as old ones as we repair them. In both cases we strive to create an attractive building exterior. Additionally, facade painting is one of the main measures to protect buildings from premature destruction.

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We deliver projects on time
We deliver projects
on time
Working 7/24
Working 7/24
We abide the law
We abide the law
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Fixed price
Custom-tailored service

Our Services

Int-Ext offers a complete range of services in facade painting:

  • The selection of paint and coloration, taking into account customer preference;
  • Painting untreated surfaces or surfaces that had been previously plastered;
  • Any preparatory works: removal of the old coverings, plastering, puttying, coating;
  • High-altitude painting of the facade; the cost includes professional industrial alpinists.

Int-Ext has a wide experience of carrying out the above mentioned works for different types of premises and buildings. At the moment we’ve successfully carried out various facade painting projects and would be delighted to perform such work for you.

Our experts are skilled in painting all types of facades, from concrete to brickwork. In each case we shall not only apply the paint professionally, but can advise the optimal compositions.

Our Materials

The materials used determine the cost of facade painting. There are several types of paints:

  • Mineral paints are good for facades which are covered with mineral plaster or made of the same materials as the paint itself.
  • Acrylic paints are easy to apply and are resilient to different external factors. The compositions of this type of paint can be used for all kinds of facades which is why they are so common in our country.
  • Silicone paints. Due to a low percentage of organic matter, compositions of this type effectively prevent the growth of bacteria. Additionally, such paints have great vapor permeability.
  • Modified paints combine the components of acrylic and silicon compositions. Facade painting with modified paints has a lot of advantages. The composition is durable, highly elastic and is well protected from UV-rays.

We cooperate directly with suppliers of paint and other materials necessary for performing the works which provides our clients the opportunity to save a lot of money on materials for facade painting.

Our Advantages

One of our company experts will visit the site free of charge in order to provide an estimate for the scope, complexity and the cost of the project.

Complete observance of technological requirements: Int-Ext provides security measures and only paints facades when there are appropriate weather conditions.

Operative performance is achieved due to the quick provision of materials and the involvement of the right number of skilled specialists.

Int-Ext provides warranty for all varieties of completed work.

Int-Ext experts are at your disposal, if you need rapid, professional facade painting.

Request for Proposal

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