Facade Plastering

Facade plastering is one of the most popular kinds of fit-out in Russia. During the recent decade, new materials and technologies of facade fit-out have appeared. They create an aesthetically pleasing exterior and protect the walls of the house for a long period of time. It is relevant not only to the construction of new buildings, but also the restoration of old buildings, where it is difficult or impossible to utilize other technologies. Facade plastering is one of a few technologies of facing which can be used in all kinds of buildings and materials.

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The incontestable advantage of facade plastering in comparison with other methods of fit-out is their visual appeal at a very affordable price. The variety of colors and textures of plastering and different techniques of decorative application allow us to implement any design scheme. We can create our unique style which can be used in standard frame house fit-out, as well as in a prestigious mansion. As a result, the low cost of facade plastering saves money, and the house is provided with secure, durable and aesthetically pleasing fit-out.


Facade plastering has become very popular due to the following advantages:

  • protection of the walls from the aggressive impact of environment, extreme cold and extreme heat, extreme humidity, concrete decay, corrosion of steel reinforcement;
  • facade plastering is much cheaper than many other kinds of facade fit-out;
  • ecological properties of the technology;
  • additional heat insulation and energy savings;
  • aesthetic attractiveness;
  • applicable to brick, foam concrete, blocks and other materials;
  • useable in any building irrespective of its configuration;
  • simplicity of use in the construction of new houses as well as in refurbishment, reconstruction and restoration of old buildings.

Decorative plastering

Facade plastering is performed with the help of basic or decorative solutions. Its main property is secure and durable adhesion of the solution to the walls' surface. Each type of plaster requires a special priming coat for preparatory layer.

At present the following types of decorative plaster are the most wide-spread:

  • Colored sandstone imitates sandstone while the pigment provides color. Treating the decorative surface with different kinds of equipment creates a texture surface.
  • Terrazzo is a mixture of slaked lime, marble powder, broken marble, mica and coloring pigment. This plaster is durable, wear proof and simple for application.
  • Stone plaster imitates natural stone (tuff, sandstone, granite). It is more durable, but labor-intensive in application and more expensive.

"Wet" plastering

The technology of wet plastering of the facade comprises step-by-step coating of three layers:

  • Mineral wool boards or foamed polystyrene are widely used for heat insulation;
  • Protection (reinforcing layer): reinforcing net is fixed on the special gluing solution selected in relation to the chosen type of heat insulation material. Puttying and priming coat finish the protective layer and are the basis of the last finishing layer.
  • Decorative (fit-out) plastering protects the facade from the negative impact of fall-out and creates an attractive building exterior.

Facade plastering is a high-quality fit-out of the building that will protect the walls for a long period of time. Unique possibilities and a wide variety of decorative plasters let us bring into effect the most bold design solutions.

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