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All commercial real estate building faсades in Moscow deteriorate with time. It is a common issue for any large metropolitan area due to difficult maintenance conditions. The harsh Moscow climate causes damage in architectural structures and makes repairs unavoidable.

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Russia central region climate with its sharp swings in temperature and humidity causes, among other things, intense weathering to multi-storey buildings.

Facade maintenance and repair becomes necessary for landlords and tenants in this climate's conditions. Repairs are a prudent way to improve the aesthetics and to preserve the structural integrity of the building. Depending on the extent of deterioration, repairs range from minor to extensive renovations required when the structural integrity of facades has been compromised.

Renovation of commercial real estate facades: phases and procedures

The frequency of renovation varies depending on maintenance and building specifics. In most cases facade renovation is due every 10-12 years.

This type of works requires detailed design documentation including facade passport. This document reflects restoration details up to choice of material and color solutions. This phase is considered the most labor intensive.

The construction phase of facade repair projects consists of the following steps: demolition of the facade and surface preparation, insulation replacement, sealing joints, reconstruction of drainage and glazing, restoration of architectural details, finishing.

Costs of facade repair are quite high, as it implies restoration of all building surfaces and adjacent structural elements, and not just limited to patch repairs of buildings’ individual components.

Peculiarities of minor facade repairs

If a building is relatively new and is well maintained then only minor repairs may be required. The main objective of such repairs is to correct minor damages thus extending the life span of the building and giving it a new “face lift”. Sometimes minor repairs are only limited to restoring of individual architectural elements and patching of small surfaces.

Costs of minor repairs are significantly less than those of extensive repair projects. As a rule such projects involve determination of the cause and extent of damages, preparation of surfaces, patching of the cracks, leveling of the walls, priming, and depending on the desirable decorative effect, painting or plastering of the walls.

Repairs by Int-Ext Company are:

  • long-term experience in commercial building construction market;
  • compliance of all works to the acting regulations;
  • affordable prices.

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