Installation of Fire Extinguishing Systems

Any automatic fire suppression system is a complex of integrated devices which allow to detect fire in the early stages and prevent it from spreading. Depending on the types and methods of agent delivery the following main types of equipment are distinguished:

  • Water systems. This is the most common method of fire suppression, since water is a cheap extinguishing agent safe for humans. This type includes fire piping, sprinkler fire extinguishing systems and water mist fire suppression systems.
  • Gaseous systems. This type of devices work by removing the oxygen in the hazard to a point where it will not support a fire. There are several types of gaseous fire suppression systems on the modern market. They differ in methods of extinguishing, technologies of agent storage and triggering methods. The use of such systems is possible only in tight rooms and is primarily used in premises where the use of water is undesirable (for example, in archives or facilities with expensive equipment).

At the same time, in some industries powder and aerosol fire extinguishing systems (based on finely dispersed solid particles) are still used.

Features of Installation

The choice of a fire extinguishing system depends on several factors: the function of premises, area of the site, temperature mode, material composition.

For example, sprinkler systems consisting of sprinklers mounted in pipelines deal well neutralization of local fires in closed spaces. Such systems are often used in shopping malls and offices. Gaseous fire suppression systems, as mentioned above, are used in places where water cannot be used, for example, electric power plants, server rooms and archive rooms. At such sites sometimes powder fire extinguishing systems are sometimes installed – mostly for economic reasons, as such systems are cheaper than gaseous ones.

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The Int-Ext Company installs a wide range of fire extinguishing systems, from design to commissioning. We will competently prepare all necessary documentation and professionally carry out the installation of any system to provide adequate protection of your premises.

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EMERCOM of Russia License for the Installation of Fire Alarm and Detection Systems

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