22 Viborgskaya Str., bld. 2, Moscow.


2.5 months

Works performed

Int-Ext Company carried out comprehensive refurbishment of office space according to order of ELMA JSC.

The site with an area of ​​416 m2 included implementation of several tasks:

1. Design and installation of systems and communications:

  • power supply system;
  • structured cabling systems (SCS);
  • plumbing works;
  • installation of ACS.

2. Office refurbishment:

  • cement-sand screeding, self-leveling the floor;
  • installation of plasterboard and glass partitions;
  • installation of additional window openings;
  • installation of window units (including sills, drip caps and slopes);
  • installation of multi-level ceilings;
  • installation of baskets to protect the outdoor units of split systems.

3. Fit-out work in offices and in public areas:

  • design of walls by decorative panels, painting the walls;
  • linoleum laying, carpet tiles cladding, installation of skirting;
  • fit-out of stair flights with ceramic tiles from the 1st to the 3rd floors.

4. Entrance area:

  • installation of handrails and building porch railings from stainless steel;
  • construction of covered porch.
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