Rockwool Factory


Town Zheleznodorozhni, Moscow region.


1 month.

Works performed

At the request of Mineralnaya vata JSC (ROCKWOOL Russia) Int-Ext Company performed refurbishment works in industrial and household premises of the factory (replacement of doors with splays’ adjustment) and also repaired the warehouse facade.

The following works were implemented by our team:

  • repair of loading zone dock shelters;
  • replacement and painting of U-bend channels in the area of shipping windows; dismantling and replacement of splays; replacement of stoppers; restoration of brickwork splays; dismantling and partial replacement of speed bumps and rubber plates with restoration of the plaster underneath;
  • replacement of deformed outer sills;
  • the ramp cover in the basement was dismantled (siding on the checker sheet was replaced, the edges of which were framed by a metal band around the perimeter); the speed bumps, rubber plates were dismantled and partially replaced with restoration of the plaster underneath;
  • replacement of the water pipes and the invisible faucets in the factory public showers;
  • replacement of the interior and exterior doors in the factory dressing room.
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