Laska Pressing Dry Cleaner (Waypark Trade Centre)


Waypark mall, Settlement Putilkovo, bld.16A, Krasnogorsk district, Moscow region.


3 weeks.

Works performed

Int-Ext Company carried out refurbishment and installation of equipment in the Laska Pressing express dry cleaner for LMT-Service company.

As part of the remodeling process, we carried out painting and plastering works, installed of ceiling and floor coverings. For proper and smooth functioning of the special equipment the power system was upgraded, and illuminated sign was installed and connected to the system. In addition, a full set of plumbing works, including installation of the unit pipes and pump unit were carried out. The complex equipment of the dry cleaner was installed and connected to the system, tested, on a high quality level, on time and without any claims from the customer.

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