Accent Bank Office for MVT-Torgovaya Nedvizhimost


11 Aptekarski lane, Moscow.


12 months.

Works performed

Int-Ext Company has developed the design and carried out renovation of the Accent bank building. The works were ordered by the building landlord MVT-Torgovaya Nedvizhimost LLC. The overall square of the refurbished building totaled 1500m2. The building was formerly used by Transinvestbank.

Int-Ext specialists replaced the doors, the floor and ceiling coverings, sanitary ware and the heating system components (part of radiators and part of the pipeline valves). A full scope of painting and plastering works was also carried out, which refreshed the interior and made it more presentable.

The most difficult part of the job was reconstruction and installation of engineering systems.

The power supply network reorganization included installation of new trunk cable lines, socket networks and lighting mains, as well as installation of power panels and emergency transfer switch (ATS). For cases of emergency outages there was mounted a diesel generator (135 kW). And finally, we did measurements of cable insulation resistance of the electricity-generating plant.

In the process of reconstruction of air conditioning and general ventilation systems there were installed new intake and exhaust air units, mounted several new air distribution devices, and there was arranged the server room cooling with reserve and automatic operation.

Among other things, our specialists connected a new supply ventilation system to the heat supply system of the building, installed ventilation air ducts and carried out start-up and diagnostics of all air-handling units for any malfunction.

At the same time, a new local system was installed, which included a twisted-pair wiring, installation of floor cabinets for the equipment, there were mounted RJ-45 sockets and done commutation of patch panels. This part was finalized by testing and certification of the entire local area network for the next 15 years.

We repaired porch and entrance area of the building and spread artificial grass on the terraces.

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