Heat-welded roll roofing

Heat-welded roll roofing remains the most popular roofing technology in Moscow. Most of the buildings in the capital have flat roofs covered with rolled materials. As a rule, different types of roofing felt are used. The names of the materials vary depending on manufacturers, their impregnations, foundation and surface treatment of roofing felt.

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The main types of heat-welded roll roofing, apart from the type of building where it is used, are installed in the same manner. It is laid down on the roofing tar or similar material and fixed on it by heat welding, usually by gas torch. Since these procedures are performed with open fire and explosive gas, they are considered to be increased risk construction. Therefore, during installation and repair of heat-welded roll roofing special safety measures should be implemented; only specially trained personnel can perform them.

In spite of increased risk of working with the flammable gas, this technology remained popular since the Soviet time. The main reason is the low cost of materials and the simplicity of the equipment application. Rolled materials of the heat-welded roll roofing are cheaper than membrane roofing. Besides, expensive equipment is not required for their installation. Therefore customers for new construction often choose heat-welded roll roofing.

As for current repair and maintenance of an existing building, there is no choice. The proprietor of the building or the facility management company has to work with the previously used roofing material. The repair of the heat-welded roll roofing and elimination of leakages are easier than complete replacement of the roofing. High-quality repair work guarantees preservation of operating ability of the reconstructed roof sections for at least 5 years.

Apart from money and a professional contracting organization, good weather is necessary during the arrangement of the heat-welded roll roofing. It is better to perform this work in summer. Heat-welded roll roofing has to be installed only in dry conditions and at a stable warm temperature.

When emergency arises, such as leaks during humid and inclement weather, the work can still be done using heated tents above the leakage, similar to a greenhouse construction with heat fans inside.

But assembly and heating of such constructions is an extra expense. They undoubtedly complicate the work, and increase the cost of heat-welded roll roofing. In emergency conditions it can be an appropriate solution, but it is much better and cheaper to plan these works beforehand and perform them in summer.

Int-Ext Company is a professional contractor performing roof work at all kinds of sites of commercial real estate. We work in business-centers, trade centers, at factories and warehouses.

What our advantages are comparing with other participants of the construction market?

  • We are always ready to consult the customer free of charge. If the work is within the scope of our specialization we visit the site in order to estimate and define the exact terms of its implementation.
  • Int-Ext Company gives fair evaluation of any roof condition and provides recommendations based on the customer’s real needs. Our goal is to help you rather than to perform a set of actions to get money for it.
  • Our price policy is reasonable: it is based on the real prime cost and not on the market conjuncture. In our estimate we include only those works and expenses which are necessary for its implementation.
  • Our company employs only highly skilled personnel to perform the work under direction of specially trained and licensed foremen with extensive work experience.

Int-Ext Company always offers reasonable pricing for heat-welded roll roofing and promptly implements all the works yet ensuring their high quality.

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